Student Activities



The best way to connect with your new home at Peru State College is to immerse yourself in the community!!!


Join a Peru State College Student Organization

painted tractor being towed with students in homecoming parade
craft activity on the quad
psychology club float in homecoming parade

Peru State College organizations are student run groups that can further your interests in community service, academic studies, and career path development as well as offer opportunities to get to know your fellow Bobcats. If you don't see a group you are looking for, you can start your own student organization on campus. It's easy!!! Just visit the Student Activities office (SC 111)

Play Intramural Sports or Club Sport

Soccer club members
indoor volleyball club members
flag football members

Intramurals are a great way to take a break from books and academics, meet people and have fun. Peru State College offers intramural sports for students, faculty and staff to maintain their competitive edge, remain active, or simply meet new people. Intramurals offer a diverse group of individual and team sports and activities through organized leagues, tournaments, and special events. Getting involved is a great way for the Bobcat community to engage in physical activity while playing the sports they love.

Intramurals do not involve a great commitment, as games take place on campus and scheduled practices are not required. Make sure you sign your team up to compete to be the next INTRAMURAL CHAMPION!


Club Sports are competitive sports teams that travel off-campus to compete against other college club teams. Club sports members practice 1-2 times a week and  can compete in 1-3 tournaments a semester. Check the Club sports page for more information on specific club sports teams.


Attend Campus Events

students holding blue and white balloons
students participating in a casino night activity
students learning leadership skills with hula hoops

Attending events put on by various student groups and college departments is strongly encouraged at Peru State College. By taking part in a variety of activities it will help enhance your experience at Peru State.

Campus Events/ Activities can help you:

  • Meet people you may not have otherwise cross paths with
  • Learn about something you never knew would interest you
  • Discover some new aspects of your field to pursue in research or professionally
  • Learn how to speak, organize an event, or defend an academic argument
  • Build a sense of community at Peru State
  • Enjoy your College Experience!!!

If you are interested in planning a large amount of activities presented at Peru State College join the Campus Activities Board (CAB). Be sure to check out the CAB page for upcoming events!! Some of the past events organized by CAB include: Comedians, Musical Artists, Hypnotists, Movie Nights, Homecoming Events, Carnivals, etc.